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Typewriting Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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General Comments

General Comments

The paper was of a good standard and compared favourably with those of previous examinations.
The syllabic intensity of the paper was within the range stipulated by the syllabus.
The candidates’ performance on the paper was good.

TASK  1    -      Speed and Accuracy Test    
This task required the candidates to type a given passage within a limited time frame, and it should be error free at the rate of forty (40WPM) words per minute.
Many candidates failed the task as a result of lack of required speed of 40 words per minute, while some lost mark for inaccurate typing and erasing.

TASK  2  - Form
Candidates were required to type on plain A4 paper, take a carbon copy.
Candidates’ performance on this task was poor. Some of the candidates lost marks for not taking a carbon copy.

TASK 3 -  Letter with Carbon
Candidates were required to type on plain A4 paper, take a carbon copy and use today’s date.  Majority of the candidates scored good marks in the task.
A few candidates lost marks for poor layout of the letter with mixed punctuations, overtyping, omission, insertion and general poor display.

TASK  4  -  Memorandum
Candidates were required to type on plain A4 paper.  Many of the candidate did not perform well in the task because of lack of display techniques.

TASK  5  -  Notice of Meeting         
The task required the candidates to display itinerary of notice of meeting on plain A4 paper.  The general performance of candidates in this task was good

TASK  6  - Tabular Statement
This was a tabular statement not requiring box ruling.  Majority of the candidates performed very well in this task.
The few candidates who performed poorly did so because of non-adherence to rubrics, marginal instructions and poor display techniques.

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