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Woodwork Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2007  
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Question 2

Select one of the sketches in question I and to a scale of 1 : 2, draw each of the following views in First Angle Orthographic projection;
(a)front elevation;
(b)Sectional end elevation:
(c)Sectional plan below the lid:

A jewel box is to be designed to the following specifications:
Height - 200;
Width - 350;
Depth - 200.
The box is to be made of solid wood using appropriate joints. Provision is to be made for a partition, a lock and a handle. '


(a)Few candidates did very well in this question.
Candidates were expected to:
-draw all the members of the jewel box;
-make provision for lid, lock and handle,
-Indicate the location and dimensions of the members.

(b)Few candidates did very well in this question. However, most candidates did not indicate the section plane. The following were expected from the candidates’ response:
-Indication of section plane;
-Projection from front elevation;
-Partitions in section and elevation;
-Bottom in section;
-handle in section/elevation.

(c)Few candidates attempted this question correctly, However, most candidates did not indicate the:
-Cutting plane;
-Projection from front elevation;
-Sides in section.
Candidates were expected to:
-Dimension their drawing;
-Show ends in section;
-show partitions in section;
- show bottom in elevation.

Most candidates did well in this question. They were able to name and sketch, the type of lock used on the box. The lock

for a candidate to perform excellently, thefollowing parameters must be taken into consideration while drawing:

-border lone;
-title block;

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