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Woodwork Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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Question 2

Select one of the sketches in question 1 and to a scale of 1:5, draw in the First Angle Orthographic projection, the following:


  1.  Front elevation:

Few candidates did very well in this question.  Candidates were expected to:

-     show all the members of the article (top, shelves, bottom, plinth and sides);
-     indicate the joints used to fit the members together;
-     show the member and their dimensions;
-     name the view.

  1. Sectional end elevation

Few candidates answered this question correctly.  Most candidates did not indicate the sectional plane and the dimensions of the members.  Candidates were expected to:

-     show the members cut in section with the correct sectional symbols of the  
      materials cut;
-     use notes to describe small sections;
-     write the name of the view at the bottom;
-     show the dimension of the members.

  1. The Plan

Most candidates did well in this question.  However, they failed to label the parts.  Candidates were expected to:

-     draw the plan below the front elevation;
-     show the members in hidden details;
-     show the depth dimension.

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