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Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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Question 1

Use Fig. 8 to answer the Questions below:
(a) State four functions of the machine.
(b) Name the parts labelled A, B and C.
(c) State the function of each of the parts labelled A, B, C and D
(d) (i)  Sketch the safety device used on the machine when planing short pieces.
     (ii) Name the safety device sketched in (d) (i).


Most candidates were unable to:

  1. state the function of the surface planer;
  2. name the parts labelled;
  3. sketch and name a suitable device used on the surface planer

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

(a) Functions of the Surface Plane

-           surfacing
-           edging
-           rebating
-           end shooting
-           chamfering
-           tapering

(b) Naming of Parts of the Surface Plane

A -       Outfeed table (or Rear Table)
B -       Fence
C -       Infeed table (Front table)

(c) Stating the correct function of Parts of Surface Plane

A -       Outfeed table – It is used to set level with the top of the cutting circle of the cutter to support the planed surface.
B -       Fence – It is adjusted to any required position across the table to enable different sizes of timber to be surfaced or edged.
C -       Infeed table – It is adjusted to vary the cutting dept or to vary the amount of timber which is to be planed.
D -       Bridge guard – used to guard the cutter block.

(d)       (i)         Sketch of Safety Device








                        (ii)        Push block

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