Yoruba Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

KQ arokQ ti ko din ni 300 ?YQ oro 16ri ort-oro kan soso ti 0 ba yen.
            (a)       Ounj? ibiJ~ ti mo '£iran iu
            (b)       Ala ti 6 ba mf l£iru ju IQ
            (d)       Igba ojo
            (e)       Gbogbo ohun ti fI den kQ ni wura
            (?)       KQ l£ita si Ol6fuu iwe troyin kan nfpa ipa ti tjobe ipin/~ re fI sa tetl tun i1u $fJ


(a)        This essay demands an appreciation of an indigenous Yoruba food that
the candidate likes most. Most of the candidates that attempted this
essay understood the question and performed well.

"One dream that baffled me greatly". This topic is narrative of a personal
experience (dream). Those who failed woefully were those who'cooked'
a dream which was not properly narrated.
"The Rainy Season" (lgba 6j6). Most of the candidates that attempted this
essay failed to mention some salient points on the importance of the
raining season.
"Not all ttfal glitters is gold". The proverb was adequately illustrated by the
candidates with realistic stories but many of them failed to provide logical
A formal letter to an Editor of a Newspaper on their respective State
Governments' efforts in reshaping the state for good. Most of the
candidates that attempted the essay performed well because they
followed the sequence and technicality of letter writing


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