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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a)    List five characteristics of the white leghorn breed of fowls.                           [ 5 marks]
(b)    Explain each of the following terms as used in animal nutrition:
         (i)   balanced ration;
        (ii)   supplementary feed;
        (iii)  malnutrition;
        (iv)  feedstuffs.                                                                                                   [ 8 marks]
(c)    State three routine maintenance practices carried out on a fish pond.              [ 3 marks]



This question was fairly attempted by the candidates.  In 7(a), many candidates could not list characteristics of the white leghorn breed of fowls.  However, in 7(b), majority of the candidates could explain the meaning of terms used in animal production ( i.e. balanced ration, supplementary feed, malnutrition and feedstuffs).  In addition, many candidates were able to state routine maintenance practices carried out on a fish pond as requested in 7 (c).
The expected answers include:
Characteristics of white leghorn breed of fowl:
-     Small body and light weight
-     Uniformly white plumage colour
-      Large red comb and wattles
-      White ear lobes
-      Yellow  shanks
-       Comb is droopy in the  female and erect in the male
-       Normally alert, active and noisy
-       Rarely goes broody
-        Lays white – shelled eggs

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