Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments


Majority of the candidates showed an appreciable improvement in their ability to:

state the problems of commercial agriculture in West Africa;
mention the uses of the farm tractor;
list indigenous methods of land preparation;
enumerate the problems associated with communal land tenure system;
list the components of an incubator;
mention the storage structure for yam tubers, cowpea seeds and fresh fish;
outline the benefits derived from growing ornamental plants;
state the symptoms of cassava mosaic disease;
explain forest management terms such as selective exploitation, regeneration and taungya farming;
define animal health terms such as pests, pathogens, vectors and parasites;
give examples of pests, pathogens, vectors and parasites;
state the functions of water, minerals, antibiotics and protein in the diet of farm animals;
enumerate the advantages of the intensive system of rearing ruminants;
state the functions of a farm manager;
explain terms such as appreciation; salvage value, farm budget and farm inventory as used in agricultural economics;
state the law of diminishing returns;
explain the main cause of diminishing returns in agricultural production;
list problems of agricultural extension services in West Africa.

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