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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 9

(a) State three functions of a farm manager. [3 marks]

(b) Explain the following terms as used in agricultural economics:
(i) appreciation;
(ii) salvage value;
(iii) farm budget;
(iv) farm inventory. [ 8 marks]

(c) State five qualities of a good agricultural extension agent. [ 5 marks]


Many candidates attempted this question. In question 9(a), majority of the candidates could state the functions of a farm manager. Also, in question 9(b )(i - iv), many candidates were able to explain terms used in agricultural economics (i.e appreciation, salvage value, farm budget and farm inventory), However, some candidates could not state the qualities of a good agricultural
extension agent.

The expected answers include:

Qualities of a good agricultural extension agent

Originality in thought, word and action
He must be a good listener
Must be patient with the people
Must be honest and transparent
Must be able to take steps without being directed
Must be able to organize and implement programmes
Must be able to offer clear judgement in all issues
Must stay clear of local politics
Must know and respect the culture of the people
Must be a good mixer
Good knowledge of the subject matter
Must be able to speak the language of the people
Must be a good communicator
He must be friendly
Exemplary leader
Must be able to solve problems as they arise

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