Building Construction Paper 1, May/June. 2011  
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Question 1


(a)        State one function of each of the following when setting out a building:
            (i)         profile board;
            (ii)        builders’ square;
            (iii)       spirit level and straight edge.

(b)        State a suitable foundation for each of the following conditions:
            (i)         framed structure in a moderately firm soil;
            (ii)        a storey building in a shrinkable clay soil;
            (iii)       load bearing wall in a firm soil.

(c)        List three stage involved in casting a concrete blinding in a foundation trench

      Most candidates were able to:

     -           state the function of the given setting out tools;
     -           list the stages involved in casting a concrete blinding in a foundation trench.

     However, few candidates were unable to state a suitable foundation for the given soil conditions.

     The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

1 (a) (i)            Profile boards-wall and foundation trench sizes are marked on the profile board.

        (ii)             Builders’ square- is used to obtain right angled wall corners and return angles.

        (iii)            Spirit level and straight edge-used for transferring specified levels from one point
                           of a building to another.
                 Spirit level is the tool used for transferring details marked on the profile boards to the
                 ground/formation level.

    (b)            Suitable Foundation for Various Applications:
                        (i)         Pad foundation

                        (ii)        Raft foundation/Short-bored pile

                        (iii)       Ordinary strip foundation

      (c)        Stages involved in casting a concrete blinding in a foundation trench are:

                     -Level and ram the bottom of the trench;
                     -Peg the bottom of the trench to obtain the correct thickness of the blinding layer(s)
                    -Pour the concrete mix in the trench and compact to the pegged level(s)


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