Building Construction Paper 1, May/June. 2011  
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Question 4

            (a)        State three functions of a ceiling in a building.
            (b)        (i)         Name three parts of a ceiling construction.
                        (ii)        List three materials used as ceiling covering
            (c)        State the difference between each of the following:
                        (i)        flush door and panel door;
                        (ii)       matchboarded door and glazed panel door.


      Few candidates were able to :

     -          state the functions of a ceiling in a building; ;
     -           list the materials used as ceiling covering;
     -           name the parts of a ceiling construction.

     However,majority of the candidates were unable to state the difference between:

      -           flush door and panel door;
      -           matchboarded door and glazed panel door.

     The expected response to question 4 is as given below:

4  (a)                 Three functions of a ceiling in a building
     (a)(i)             Provision of sound insulation.
     (ii)                Provision of thermal insulation.
    (iii)                For accommodating services in the roof space.
    (iv)                For aesthetics.
    (v)                 Prevention of dust and rodents from entering the building from the roof space.

    (b)                (i) Parts of a ceiling construction:
                            -     Noggings
                            -     Joists
                            -     Batten
                            -     Ceiling boards/sheets
                         (ii) Materials used for ceiling covering:
                            - Asbestos sheets                  -         Cellotex sheets      -      Bamboo
                            - Particle/fibre board            -          Mat                           -      Hardboard
                           - Gypsum-wood-plywood      -          Plastic

     (c)               Difference between types of Doors
     (i)                A flush door has a plain surface while a panel door has some moulding and grooves
                          or troughs or furrows on the surface.
     (ii)               A matchboard door consists of wide strips of wood fixed side by side and braced
                          together while a glazed panel door is made up of wood or metal stiles and glass.


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