Building Construction Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments

Question 3

(a)        Sketch a section through a suspended timber ground floor and label the following:
            (i)         oversite concrete;
            (ii)        air-vent;
            (iii)       concrete foundation;
            (iv)       floor joist.

(b)        State one function of each of the following in relation to substructural works;

            (i)         damp roof membrane under floor slab;
            (ii)        concrete blinding under strip foundation;
            (iii)       hardcore filling under floor slab;

(iv)       oversite concrete

Candidates were able to sketch suspended timber ground floor correctly.  However, they were unable to:

  1. label the parts correctly;
  2. state the function of some given items used in substructural works.


The expected response to question 3 is as given below:


3(b)      (i)         It checks the rise of moisture from the ground to the floor slab.
(ii)        It fills the pores of the soil beneath the strip foundation.  It also provides even bearing surface for the foundation concrete.
(iii)       It provides a firm base for the floor slab.
(iv)       It prevents the growth of vegetable matter and provides stable support to sleeper walls in a hollow ground floor construction.

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