Building Construction Paper 2,May/June 2014  
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Question 3

Question 3

  1. Use sketches to illustrate each of the following types of wall:
  1. Buttressing wall;
  2. Retaining wall;
  3. Screen wall.

  1. List four types of ironmongery used for doors and windows.
  1. State where each of the following doors is suitably used in a building:


  1. matchboarded door;
  2. over-head roller shutter door;
  3. flush door;
  4. glazed metal door.

Most of the candidates were able to:

-           list the types of ironmongery used for doors and windows correctly;
-           state where each of the given types of door is suitably used in a building.

However, few of them were unable to use sketches to illustrate the given types of wall.









The expected response to question 3 is as given below:

            (b)       (i)         Hinges, locks, window stays, door stops, latch, door knobs,
                                    door catch, door holders, etc.

            (c)        (i)         Matchboarded doors are most suitable for sheds, cellars and

                        (ii)        Overhead roller shutter metal doors are most suitable for warehouses,
                                    garages, workshops.

(iii)       Flush doors are suitable for the interior rooms of a building except bathrooms.

(iv)       Glazed metal doors are suitable for exterior part of a building e.g. main entrance.












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