building construction Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 4

To a scale of 1:25, draw the details at section Y – Y from the ground level to the ceiling and indicate the following:

(i)         noggin;
(ii)         ceiling board;
(iii)        mortar screed floor finish;
(iv)        concrete floor slab;
(v)        hardcore.


Most candidates were able to:

-           produce the detailed sectional drawing to scale 1:25 as specified;
-           show both the substructural and superstructure walls in section;
-           identify correctly, the ceiling members.
However, some of them were not able to:

-           draw the panel door in elevation correctly;
-           show the walling materials used for the walls in section;
-           dimension the drawing.
The details of section Y- Y from the ground level to the ceiling is as shown below;