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Chemistry Paper 1 (Practical) ,May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates’ weaknesses include the following:

  1. non adherence to rubrics;
  2. spelling errors;
  3. lack of mathematical/manipulative skills;
  4. poor knowledge of concordance in precision measurement;
  5. inadequate understanding of the mole concept and stoichiometric calculation.
  6. lack of knowledge of significant figures;
  7. inability to relate effectively observation with relevant inferences.
  8. use of chemical formulae instead of the IUPAC names of compounds/reagents;
  1. test on solids instead of solutions;
  2. manipulation of titre values to agree with those of the supervisors.
  3. omission /wrong use of units;
  4. inadequate preparation.

The following were the suggested remedies:

  • Candidates should familiarize themselves with the prescribed examination syllabus. 
  • Candidates should be exposed to more laboratory practical/work.
  • Qualified teachers should be employed to impart the requisite knowledge.
  • Teachers of chemistry should attend seminars/workshops e.g. those mounted by STAN in order to be exposed to new frontiers of knowledge.
  •  Candidates should prepare adequately for examinations.
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