Clothing and Textiles Nov/Dec.2011  
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General Comments

Question 1

: Explain the following terms as used in Clothing and Textiles:


(i) List two main groups of fibres.
(ii) Give two examples of each.
(iii) State two processes used in constructing fabrics.




In explanation of terms the candidates were listing instead of explaining.In the question on construction processes of fabric they were writing manufacturing processes.

The required answers to the questions are as follows:

(a) (i) Faggoting is used as an insertion for joining together two panels or folds to create design on articles.

(ii) Rouleau:This is a length of crossway strip sewn to form a tube which can be used for fastening.

(iii) Seam:This is the process of joining/ stitching/fastening together two or more layers of fabric neatly and securely. Eg. Lapped seam, welt seam etc.

(iv) Fibre: It is the basic unit from which a fabric is made. Yarns
They are made from pieces of fibres spun together and used for making fabrics.
Long textile stand made of staple fibre or filaments used for making fabrics.

(b) Two Main Groups of Fibre: Natural fibres and Man-made/artificial fibres

Sources: Natural fibre -Animal sources: e.g wool and silk - Vegetable sources: e.g cotton and linen
Mineral source: e.g asbestos

Man-made fibre -: Regenerated Cellulose/protein/mineral fibres: viscose, acetate, rayon etc.
Synthetic/chemical: nylon, polyester, azlon, terylene, acrylic.

Processes used in constructing fabrics: weaving, knitting, crocheting, bonding, laminating, tatting, netting, macramé.

(a) Explain the following terms as used in Clothing and Textiles:
(ii) mixtures
(b) State three advantages in combining cotton and polyester.
(c) Explain the following terms in fabric production.
(ii) sanforization;
(iv) proban

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