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The candidates who attempted this question did not know what interfacing is not to talk of fabric for interfacing.The required answers to the question are as follows:

(i) Good Grooming means appearing neatly made up from head to toe.
It is the art of being suitable and tastefully dressed for all occasions.

It involves taking a balanced diet, maintaining personal hygiene, good posture, exercise, relaxation, adequate sleep, wearing good dresses and maintaining wholesome thoughts.

(ii) Gusset: this is a square or diamond-shaped piece of fabric cut on a cross and usually inserted into junctions of seam to allow freedom of movement by providing extra room.

(iii) Stay Stitching: This is the process of stitching close to the raw edges of fabrics to prevent ravelling or fraying. It can be applied to the armhole or neckline.

(iv) Wardrobe: This is the entire clothing needed by an individual or entire family to meet weather conditions, family standards, money available, occasions for which clothes are sewn for personal features.


A collection of one’s clothing

(v) Print Patch: This is a method of repairing holes on light and medium weight fabrics. Examples are cotton skirts and dresses. This is also used on printed and patterned fabrics. Also carried on fabrics which have fine designs.


A method of repairing outer garments made of cotton, silk, rayon, linen and nylon.
On printed or woven patterns it can be almost invisible.

(b) Reasons for Using interfacing on Garments:
Provides a stay for working bound buttonholes
Prevents garments edges from stretching while it is being made.
Brings out the shape of the section of the garment where it is applied.
To make edges crisp as on collars and cuffs.
Make edges firm and strong.
Give body to a part of garment.
Make a garment to look professional

(c) Fabrics Used for Interfacing
(i) Woven cottons
(ii) Organdie
Grey baft

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