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Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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Question 8

(a) Define environmental pollution..

(b) Name any four major forms of environmental pollution.

(c) Highlight four effects of environmental pollution.


Many candidates attempted this question and their performance in it was very good. Such candidates correctly defined environmental pollution as the introduction of harmful or unhealthy condition to the human environment. They were also able to name the forms of pollution notably:

  • air pollution
  • water pollution
  • land pollution
  • soil pollution
  • noise pollution
  • thermal pollution

Some of the effects of pollution on the environment which were listed by the candidates included:

  • Pollutants cause smog in industrial areas. The pollutants act as condensation nuclei.
  • Pollution causes acid rain.
  • Atmospheric pollution which may be cause by smog reduces visibility.
  • Some pollutants are toxic and can kill plants and animals.
  • Pollution can cause discomfort, chronic diseases e.g. lung cancers, asthma, impairment of growth and death.
  • Pollution destroys agricultural lands.
  • It destroys aquatic animals and plants.
  • It makes water unhealthy

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