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Hausa Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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General Comments

Question 13

Me ka fahimta game da wadannan a tsarin rayuwar Hausawa?

          (a)     Goyon ciki
          (b)     Sa-rana


Like question 12, this one was also on customs and institutions.  (AL’ADA) The candidates were required to explain the above practices as they relate to marriage and giving birth in Hausa Culture.  Thus:

Goyon ciki:   wannan wata al’ada ce ta renon ciki wadda Hausawa ke yi
lokacin da mace ta sami cikin farko.  Ana yin sa ne lokacin da   ciki ya kai wata bakwai.  Mace takan tafi ---

Sa-rana:   Wannan wata al’ada ce da Hausawa ke yi bayan sun yi wa yarinya baiko.  Ana sa rana ne bayan iyayen ango sun gama shirye-shiryen inda amarya za ta zauna da sauran hidimomin biki.  Daga na ----

Conclusion:  The performance of the candidates was fair when compared with that of previous year.  However, there is room for improvement if appropriate measure(s) have been taken as regards the candidates’ weaknesses.  The State Ministries of Education should always recruit more qualified teachers to teach Hausa.  The teachers should always advise the candidates to improve on their attitude towards learning for a better performance. 

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