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Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 5

(a) (i)  Outline the procedure for testing for the presence of  starch in food substances.                                                                ( 3 marks)

  • (ii)     State four uses of food to the body.                                               ( 4 marks)

    (b)  (i)   What is a communicable disease?                                                    ( 2 marks)

    (ii)     Give one example of communicable disease.                                ( 1 mark)


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    This question was attempted by many candidates and the candidates performed fairly well.

    In part (a) (i)   candidates could not outline the procedure for testing for the presence of starch in food substances, candidates wrote test of protein for starch.  In part (a)(ii) candidate were able to state two uses of food.  In part (b)(i) and (b) (ii)       candidates defined communicable disease very well and also gave one example of   communicable disease.

    The expected answers were as follows:

          (a)(i)   Procedure for testing for starch food class
                      -     A little part of the food substance/named starch food is crushed/mashed and
                            shaken in a test-tube with some cold water and then boiled to make a solution;
                      -     three or four drops of iodine solution are added;
                      -     dark blue colour indicates presence of starch.

             (ii)     Uses of food in the body
                       -     provision of energy/vitality
                       -     repair of worn out tissue
                       -     for growth/development
                       -      generation of heat/insulation
                       -     protection against diseases/illnesses/debility
                       -     for normal functioning of the body/healthy

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