Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

Question 3

  1.  Identify the structures I,II III and IV as illustrated in the diagrams        [ 4 marks ]
  2.  State one characteristic each of the structures illustrated in

I, II,III and IV                                                                                          [ 4 marks ]

  1. Which of the labelled structures is associated with
  2.   grinding,
  3.   piercing?                                                                                  [ 2 marks ]







This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was fair.  In part (a) many candidates correctly identified the illustrated structures in the human body.  In part (b) many candidates could not correctly state characteristics of each the structures illustrated in I,II,III and IV.  In part (c) many candidates could not correctly name the structures associated with grinding and piercing
 However, the expected answers are as follows:
3(a)    Identification of structures illustrated
               I  -  incisor
              II  -  canine
              III -  premolar
              IV -  molar.

(b)     Characteristics of the structures illustrated

          I    Incisor

  •  Chisel shaped

         II     Canine

  •  Pointed

         III    Premolar

  •  Cusp
  • Broad and have two roots

         IV    Molar

  •  Cusp
  •  Broad and have three roots

(c)     Structures associated with

  •   Grinding:   III/IV
  •   Piercing:  II
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