Health Science Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weaknesses

The candidates weaknesses  include their inability to:

  1. express themselves in good English Language
  2.        write correct spellings of labels and name of diseases
  3.        interpret  the questions correctly
  4.        poor handwriting
  5.        draw appropriate size of diagram
  6.        differentiate between animal and plant cell
  7.        define what is growth
  8.        mention factors that affect growth and development in humans
  9.        state characteristics of correct posture
  10. state determinants of correct posture
  11. mention causes of postural defects
  12. state characteristics of the mesomorphic body form
  13. describe the mechanism of inhalation in humans
  14. define what is meant by assimilation
  15. explain the processes of ultra-fitration and selective re-absorption
The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses:
  1. WAEC should intensity effort through ministry of education, organizing workshop, seminar, raising the standard of English Language
  2. chief examiner report should be distributed to schools in the states.
  3. students should be encouraged to improve their English Language by reading extensively
  4. teachers are to stress the correct spellings of the labels diagrams and diseases during teaching
  5. candidates should be taught on how to start the answers to every question on a fresh page to avoid a mix up of the scores.
  6. qualified teachers should be employed to teach health science in schools
  7. teachers/students should cover the syllabus before the examination.

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