Machine WoodWorking2, May/June 2015

Question 1

(1)        (a)        State one difference between hardwood and softwood under each of the following headings:
                                    (i)         shape of leaf;
                                    (ii)        type of pore;
                                    (iii)       type of seed.

                        (b)        (i)         Name the method used for converting a log with a faulty heart.
(i)         Use a sketch to illustrate the method named in b(i)

                        (c)        Name two methods of seasoning timber.

                        (d)        Sketch each of the following timber defects:
(i)         dead knot;
(ii)        end check.


Candidates scored good marks in this question, but most of the candidates wasted time by describing in details the differences.

The expected response is given below:

(a) Hardwood:

(i) Shape of leaf – broad leaves

(ii) Type of pore – pored

(iii) Seeds – seeds in fruits/encased.

(b) Softwood:

(i) Shape of leaf – needle – like leaves/narrow leaves

(ii) Type of pore – non-pored

(iii) Seeds – naked or in cones.