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Physics Paper 1, May/June2009  
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General Comments




Some of the candidates were unable to:

  1. record measured variables and evaluations to the required number of decimal places/significant figures;
  2. plot points correctly on graph to the required degree of accuracy;
  3. distinguish between axes correctly;
  4. choose appropriate scales;
  5. make deductions from graphs;
  6. state precautions in precise language;
  7. manage the time allotted for the paper efficiently;
  8.  adhere to the prescribed format for recording observations, which stipulates that  the aim of experiment, apparatus, method should not be written out;
  9. express themselves clearly in English Language.

The suggested remedies were as follows:

  • schools should engage qualified physics teachers to prepare the candidates;
  • workshops on laboratory activities should be mounted for school teachers;
  • practical equipment should be made available to schools in sufficient quantities
  • physics teachers should be trained and re-trained;
  • candidates should be exposed early enough to the practical aspect of physics;
  • more practice exercise should be organized for candidates;
  • Mathematics teachers should assist candidates to master the plotting of graphs.  

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