Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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Question 3

Identify two forms of Kissi art and outline five of its features.



This question was not popular among the candidates, as only a very few that were attracted to it performed woefully. Rather than mentioning the art forms and the features, these candidates mentioned the location (wrongfully) and gave general functions of African art. This made them to lose the obtainable marks. Candidates were expected to articulate some of the following responses:

Art forms of Kissi

-           stone figures called Pomdo or Pomtan (plural) and Nomoli.   


Pomtan figures

  •    style is more abstract.
  •    figures are tubular in shape.
  •    faces are not prominently treated, but are delicately presented.
  •    figures are richly adorned.
  •    the chin is pointed, often adorned with a beard.
  •    the eyes are flat and drawn as a curve.

Nomoli figures.

  •    expressive and realistic Negroid faces.
  •    large protruding and heavy eyelids.
  •    lips are also large and protruding.
  •    figures have immense fleshy noses.
  •    protruding lower jaw.
  •     monumental heads
  •    they have high curving eyebrows.
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