Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments
Question 7

(a)       Define Renaissance art.
(b)       Highlight the contribution of Giotto di Bondone to the development of Renaissance art.



This question attracted a good number of the candidates, but only few attempted parts (a) and (b) and this few performed impressively. Most others ignored 7 (b), thereby losing the available marks.

Candidates were expected to give the following points in their responses:

Definition of Renaissance art

  •    It is a term that describes the art style that flourished in Europe from 13th to 17th Century.
  •    It marks the revival of the classical forms of art originally developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

(a)       Contribution of Giotto di Bondone to the development of Renaissance art

  •    He was a Florentine painter.
  •    He was the founder of Renaissance art style in painting.
  •    His style of painting deviated completely from medieval and ancient traditions.
  •    He developed a new and monumental art based on direct observation of the world.
  •    His paintings were life-like as he tried to create distance by way of linear perspective.
  •    He revived the genius of classical antiquity.
  •    He perfected the use of fresco and tempera on wood.
  •    He was a great influence to many young artists.
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