Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2012  
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  1. What is sculpture?
  2. List two examples of sculpture.
  3. Make a comparison between sculpture and ceramics.



This question attracted only a few candidates and these candidates performed poorly by mixing up the points. Rather than listing two examples of sculptures, they described the word sculpture and mentioned towns in which sculptures were made. This made them lose some of the obtainable marks. The following are some of the responses expected from candidates:
(a)        -           it is the creation of three-dimensional art.
-           it involves shaping materials such as clay, wood, stone and metal.
-           techniques used include carving, modelling, casting or construction and assemblage.
-           it is primarily created for beauty (aesthetics).
-           it is an aspect of fine arts.

(b)                    Statues, masks, figurines, ancestral figures, relief plaques, etc.

(c)        -           both are three-dimensional.
-           they can both be used for religious and aesthetic purposes.
-           the use of clay is common to both art forms.
                        -           they are both visual arts.
                        -           casting as a method of reproduction is common to both.
                        -           their differences can mainly be found in their functions.
-           sculpture primarily serves aesthetic purpose while in ceramics, utility is the primary consideration.
-           in sculpture, apart from clay,  materials like fibre-glass, cement and metal can be used while in ceramics, clay is mainly used.
-           sculpture is a branch of fine art, while ceramics belongs to applied arts. 

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