Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 3

A female model, dressed in a sleeveless blouse and a short tight-fitting games wear is sitting on a bench. She looks at something on the floor, resting on her left hand placed on the bench. Her left leg is slightly bent while the right leg is stretched forward. The right hand rests on her right lap.

Draw model as posed


The question was attempted by a good number of candidates in sharp contrast to what was obtainable in previous years. In consistence with the enthusiasm, most of the life drawings were remarkable as the best attempts were recorded in this aspect. Candidates combined good execution with accurate proportion. However, a few candidates encountered problems of layout and space management. The limbs of the figure of such candidates were cut-off. The usual challenge in representing the limbs (hands and legs) and foreshortening recurred in the works of some candidates.

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