Visual Art Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 3

Using calligraphy, re-write the quotation below:
"1 see in life and death a dialogue between the womb and the tomb.
They are the parenthesis within which we love and hate, laugh and cry, grow and decay.
This duality appears in varying dimensions throughout the complex pattern of creation ... "

Erhabor Emokpae

Incorporate appropriate border design.
Size: Size of the paper



Candidates were expected to demonstrate their skill in the art of calligraphy, through proper handling of media, appropriate spacing of letters/words and also, application of suitable border design.
The question attracted more candidates compared to other questions, but only a few were able to put up impressive performance. Some candidates wrote in pure disregard for proper arrangement of words and many others ended up with illegible writing and poor utilization of space. These caused them to loose marks that were obtainable.

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