Visual Art Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 3

Using calligraphy, write the following

My Piano is unbroken; it’s enough for a token.
My Guitar time is abound; alive and much around.
My Flute whispers reassurance, all in good accordance.
My Song’s out to redeem, much to all esteem.
My Music is good tonic, all these make my music.

Incorporate appropriate background and border design.



This question attracted few candidates that commendably executed the work skilfully. These class of candidates arranged texts effectively by making judicious use of space and achieving vertical alignment. They also created attractive background and border design and made use of contrasting and harmonious colours. Although, there were insignificant cases of exceptional performance, most of the candidates found it difficult to match their enthusiasm with performance. Few candidates however created works that were devoid of good spacing, skilfully written texts, appropriate colours, background and border designs. 

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