Woodwork Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
Questions: 1 2 3 Main
General Comments




Question 2

The drawing below shows a line diagram of an incomplete front elevation of a bedside cabinet.  Use it to answer questions 1 to 3.

-           Depth of cabinet – 400mm.
-           the cabinet is made with 18 mm plywood.

Question 2

Select one of the sketches in Question 1 and to a scale of 1:5,
draw in First Angle Orthographic projection, the following:

  1. front elevation;
  2. plan;
  3. sectional end elevation through one of the drawers.


Few of the candidates did well in this question.   They were able to show:

-           all members;
-           the type of joints used to put the members together.

However, hidden members were not shown in hidden details.


Candidates were expected to:

-           show full description of the features of the front view of the cabinet;
-           show all the members in the front view;
-           dimension the view;
-           show the joints used to put the members together;
-           write the name “front elevation” below the view.

Also, in 1st angle, the plan is to be placed below the front elevation. 
The depth dimensions were to be included.  The partition and drawer
members were to be shown in hidden details.

In the sectional end elevation, candidates were to show:

-           cutting plane on the front elevation;
-           details of the drawer members;
-           correct sectional representation of the materials (plywood) of all members cut.

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