WoodWork 2, May/June 2015

Question 2

(2)        (a) State two clothing habits that can cause accidents in a wood workshop.
(b)        Describe how the teeth of a panel saw are set.
(c)        List two wood lathe cutting tools.


Candidates were expected to:
(1)        state two clothing habits that can cause accidents in a woodwork shop;
(2)        describe how the teeth of a panel saw are set;
(3)        list two wood lathe cutting tools.
The solution is as follows:
(a)        Clothing habits that can cause an accident in a wood workshop:
                                    (i)         wearing loose/oversize outer clothing;
                                    (ii)         wearing loose apron/overall;
                                    (iii)        wearing long sleeve shirt;
                                    (iv)        wearing long hair;
                                    (v)        wearing jewelry (wrist watch, necklace, ring);
(vi)        wearing flying tie;
                                    (vii)       wearing non protective foot wear;
                                    (viii)      wearing sagging trousers:
(ix)        wearing unlaced foot wear;
                                    (x)        wearing inappropriate workshop clothing.
(b)        How to set a panel saw teeth:

                        (A)        By hand:
(i)         mount the saw in a saw vice/bench vice;
(ii)         mark the starting tooth on one end of the saw;
(iii)        starting from the marked tooth, use a saw set to bend about ½ the top of each alternate tooth toward self;
(v)        turn the saw around and bend the remaining teeth the same way.

(B)        Using machine:
(i)         fix the saw on the machine vice;
(ii)         mark the starting tooth;
(iii)        set the machine to the amount of set required;
(iv)        start the machine and adjust to start setting from the marked tooth to the end of the saw;
(v)        stop the machine and turn the saw around;
(vi)        start the machine to set alternate teeth;
(vii)       stop machine and remove the saw.

(c)        Wood lathe cutting tools:
Parting chisel, skew chisel, round nose chisel, square chisel, spear point chisel, roughing-out gouge, spindle gouge, bowel gouge, square scraper, flat or facing chisel, flat scraper, diamond scraper, spear point scraper.