WoodWork 2, May/June 2015

Question 1


A petty trader needs a showcase to be placed on a table to display snacks.  The overall dimensions of the showcase are:

height               -           600;
width                -           600;
depth                -           300.
(All dimensions are in millimeters)

The showcase is divided into two compartments by a partition. Each of the compartments is divided into two unequal spaces by a shelf. The showcase has two glazed doors in front. It is glazed with one glass panel at the back.  The sides, top and bottom are made of 18 mm plywood, and each is covered with white form ica on both faces.

(1)        Make two preliminary freehand pictorial sketches each for a different design of the showcase.

(2)        Select one of the sketches in question 1 and indicate the sketch selected by a tick (   ).
To a scale of 1:5, draw in the Third angle Orthographic Projection, the following views of the sketch selected:

(i)         the front elevation;

(ii)         a sectional end elevation.



Candidates were expected to do the following:

(i)         make two preliminary freehand pictorial sketches each for a different design of the given showcase;

(ii)         draw the front elevation and sectional end elevation of the selected show case design.

The solution is shown below:

(a)        Preliminary freehand sketches:

-           draw for resemblance;
-           draw to proportion;
-           dimension properly.

(b)        (i)         Front elevation (F.E.):

-           indicate the sketch selected;
-           show cabinet carcase;
-           show cabinet doors;
-           show cabinet shelf;
-           show cabinet partition
-           draw to scale;
-           dimension appropriately;
-           name the view.

ii Sectional End Elevation:


-           show cutting plane;
-           position in third angle projection;
-           project from front elevation;
-           show carcase details;
-           show door details;
-           show back details;
-           draw to scale;
-           dimension properly;
-           show good line quality;
-           name the view.