Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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Question 2

  1. State three main classes of wood adhesive.
  2. List two types of adhesive in each class stated in (a).
  3. Name three wood destroying agents.
  4. Describe the empty cell method of applying wood preservative.
  5. State two reasons why mild steel screws are galvanised.

Most candidates were able to:

-           state the safety precautions to be observed when using a portable power tool;
-           name the appropriate hand tool used for each of the given operations.

However, they were unable to state the main difference between machine tools and portable power tools.

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

        (a)       -           Avoid blocking the motor ventilation slots while holding the tool.
                        -           keep the job under control so that both hands are free to control the
                                    power tool.
                        -           Make sure your hands are dry.
                        -           Do not switch-off while the tool is running except on emergency.
                        -           Ensure that the power supply is correct for the tool.
                        -           Allow the tool to reach full speed before feeding it.
                        -           Always remove the plug from the socket before making any
                        -           Do not stand on a wet or damp floor
                        -           Never carry, drag, or suspend a tool by its cable.
                        -           Check security of guides, fences, cutters, attachment.
                        -           Switch-off power tool to make adjustments.
                        -           Operate the tool from its own switch.
                        -           Do not use damaged cutters or blades.

(b)       (i)         Machine Tools:  are power driven cutting or shaping tools usually fixed
                        to the floor, a stand or bench, the job is carried to the machine.

Power Tools:  are power driven light machine tools which are portable by hand while working; the machine is carried to the job.

                        (ii)        Portable power tools are:

Power drill; orbital sander, jig saw, power plane, portable router, portable disc sander, portable belt sander, portable drum sander, portable circular saw.

Machine tools are:  the lathe, band saw, jig saw, circular saw, surface planer (surfacer), thicknesser (jointer), sander, mortiser, router, spindle moulder, tenoner.  Drilling machine.

            (c)        (i)         Round faced spokeshave/compass plane
                        (ii)        Bullnose plane
                        (iii)       Coping saw/Fret saw/Jig saw
                        (iv)       Compass saw/Bow saw/Jig saw.

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