WoodWork 3, May/June 2015

Question 1

1.         Make the test piece shown on page 2, using the timber which had been planed to the following sizes (all dimensions are in millimeters):

                        two pieces 40 x 50 x 260;
two pieces 40 x 50 x 210;
                        one piece  20 x 115 x 170.

2.         You may use any of the ordinary hand tools but the use of glue, glass-paper, files, rasps
and scrapers is not allowed.     

3.         Any dimensions which are omitted from the drawing are left to your own discretion.     

4.         If you make any mistake, work as near to the drawing as possible.  Additional materials will not be supplied.

5.         Print your name and index number clearly on each piece of wood and assemble your work before handing it to the Supervisor.


Candidates were expected to construct a model panel door carrying out the following activities:

   1.         Haunch mortise and tennon:

       Most of the candidates were unable to make the joints satisfactorily.

  2.         Bridle joint:

        Some of the candidates were able to make this joint.

 3.         Grooving:

        Some of the candidates were unable to cut the groove, correctly.

4.         Rebating panel:

Many of the candidates performed poorly in this activity

5.         Beveling panels:

Most of the candidates performed well in this area.

6.         Finishing:

Most of the candidates could not complete the project within the given time, hence the finishing was poorly done.