Yoruba Paper 2,May/June. 2014  
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General Comments


The candidates’ weaknesses include:

(a)       Inability to write extensively on the chosen essay tittles.  They wrote far below the required 300words;
(b)       Inability to approach argumentative essay properly.  They did not balance their arguments;
(c)        Carelessness as regards the use of modern Yoruba orthography;
(d)       Inability to write good Yoruba and correct spelling of terms;
(e)       Inability to use tone-marks appropriately;
(f)        Inability to indicate the question numbers attempted and in some cases they were incorrectly written;
(g)       Illegible handwriting;
(h)       Lack of in-depth knowledge of the recommended textbooks;
(i)         Carelessness and lack of knowledge of appropriate use of punctuation marks;
(j)         Lack of in-depth knowledge or poor background in phonology.


(a)       Teachers should endeavour to address all these identified weaknesses from thebeginning of students’ course in secondary school;
(b)       Parents and students should be encouraged to buy the recommended textbooks;
(c)        Candidates should imbibe the habit of studying the set text;
(d)       The use of Yoruba as a means of communication should be encouraged.

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