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Biology Paper 2,Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

The following weaknesses were observed among the candidates:

              -     Inability to properly express themselves in English language;

  • Inability to properly compare organisms in a tabular form, in many cases the answers, did not correspond;
  • Poor spelling of labels and technical terms;
  • Shallow knowledge of many of the tested concepts;
  • Drawing of poor diagrams  with woolly, thick and broken lines;
  • Not conforming to size specifications of diagrams;
  • Not giving of titles to diagrams;
  • Inability to write balanced equations;
  • Poor performance on questions related to Genetics.

            The following remedies were proffered to overcome these weaknesses:

  •   Teachers should ensure that all aspects of the syllabus are covered

  before  the terminal examinations.

  •   Teachers should give students a lot of assignments involving drawing of

                  diagrams and other aspects of biology and endeavour to correct them
                     so that the candidates’ weaknesses can be discovered and corrected on

  •  Only qualified  Biology teachers should be employed to teach the



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