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Biology Paper 2, May/Jun 2010  
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General Comments

Question 2

(a) (i) Name two types of germination of seeds giving one example of each type. [4 marks]
(ii) Describe a simple experiment to demonstrate that oxygen, water and warmth are necessary for germination of seeds.  [10 marks]
(b) State two distinguishing features each of
(ii)parasites [4 marks]
(c) Give two examples of parasitic plants [2 marks]


This question was a popular question in this section and most candidates attempted it.
Most candidates had a fair idea of the two types of germination namely hypogeal and epigeal and could state examples but many candidates lost marks due to spelling errors and some candidates mixed up the example for each type. Only few candidates could describe a simple experiment to show that oxygen water and warmth are necessary for germination of seeds.
Majority of the candidates performed poorly in this sub-question. Many of them could not correctly name the necessary apparatus, give an outline of the experiment in a sequential manner and describe the control experiment.
Expected answers include:
Experiment to demonstrate factors necessary for germination
Some dry cotton wool are placed at the bottom of each of conical flasks labeled A,B,C, and D.
in flask A, few/2 to 4 been seeds are placed on dry cotton wool; the flask is placed in a warm place;
in flask B the cotton wool is moistened together with the seeds in it;
test tube containing pyrogallic acid and caustic soda/pyrogallol is suspended in flask B; to absorb oxygen; flask B is put in a warm place;
in flask C a little water is placed on the cotton wool and seeds and it is placed in a warm place
in flask D a little water is poured on the seeds to moisten them and it is placed in the refrigerator;

the four flasks are observed for four to five days/few days; only the seeds in flask C germinated. This shows that oxygen, water/moisture and warmth are necessary for seed germination.
Most candidates could correctly state characteristic features of epiphytes and parasitic as well as give examples of parasitic plants. A few candidates however lost marks due to spelling errors.

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