Biology Paper 2,May/Jun 2010  
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General Comments


The identified weaknesses of candidates include:
inability to properly interpret the questions;
poor spelling of technical terms;
poor command of English Language;
drawing of poor diagrams with loss of details;
free hand guidelines and labels not placed horizontally;
not conforming to size specifications of diagrams;
not giving titles to diagrams;
shallow knowledge of the subject matter;
inability to write balance equations;
inability to report experiments in a sequential manner;
inability to properly define "climax community".

The following remedies were proffered to overcome the weaknesses:

Teachers should:
endeavour to complete the syllabus before the onset of the examinations;
ensure that students grasp the concepts of balancing equations;
improve the quality of classroom tests and score them to ensure that students are better prepared for external examination.

Students should:
cultivate good study habits to enhance preparations for examinations;
go through past question papers to familiarize themselves with the format of the


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