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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 7

Acts 1:  6-  11

  •   Give an account of Ascension of Jesus
  •    In what three ways can Christians prepare for the Second Coming of Christ?

This very straight forward question was not cheap for the candidates as most of them wrote about Jesus’s burial, his resurrection and appearances.  They were to narrate the events that led to the ascension of Jesus, and mentioned such points as: 

  1. Jesus was sorrowful and troubled when he perceived that the end had come.
  2. They asked if he would restore the kingdom to Israel.
  3. He told them it is not for them to know the time which the father had fixed.
  4. As they gazed into heaven, two men in white clothes came.

However, a few of them were able to mention how a Christian can prepare for the second coming of Jesus among which were

  • By reading the word of God and meditating on it.
  • By fellowshipping with other believers regularly
  • By living a holy life and by preaching the gospel to others.
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