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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates Weakness

The weaknesses manifested in the candidate’s scripts were: 

1. Inadequate preparation for the examination

The Chief Examiners reported that the candidates did not prepare adequately for the examinations as their scores did not reveal any seriousness especially in Section C.  Candidates should prepare adequately for the examination with the use of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible which is the recommended text.

2.Misinterpretation of questions

It was reported that most of the candidates misinterpreted the questions.  They just wrote their own thoughts about the question they don’t understand it, so it is suggested that candidates should spend few minutes to study and interpret the questions in order to understand the demands of the question and to help them write well throughout answers.

3.Lack of knowledge of the subject matter

The candidates seems not to grasp what the subjects is all about as many of them do not have knowledge of the subject, so teachers should drill their candidates on how to attempt questions by giving them assignments in essay writing and also teach them how to explain their points well.

4.Bad and rough handwriting

Some of the candidates would have performed better only if their writings were not rough to this effect, candidates should make their writings legible and clear for many candidates have bad and rough handwritings.

5.Poor grammatical expression

The candidates showed poor grammatical expressions and spelling mistakes, they have bad tenses, so candidates should be encouraged to make use of the library and to read novels in order to improve their grammatical expression and to improve their writing skill.

6. Sermonizing (preaching)

The candidates mostly preach and wrote on unnecessary details on some questions instead of going straight to the point being concise. Candidates are enjoined to avoid unnecessary preaching and write answers from the prescribed text book only which is the Bible (RSV). 

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