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Christian Religious Knowledge Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

question 6 JH 4:7 – 15, 16:25 – 40

  • (a)       Explain Jesus, teaching about himself as the living water
                 and bread of life.

  • (b)       Mention three ways in which man is denied of the bread

    of life today.

This was not a popular question among the candidates. They were expected  to explain Jesus’ teaching about Himself as living water and bread of life.
Many candidates wrote on the living water neglecting the bread of life thereby losing some marks.  The following vital points were not included in their answers:

(i)         Jesus declared himself as bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger.
(ii)        and he who believes in me shall never thirst.
(iii)       Jesus came back from heaven not to do his own will but the will of the father who sent him. 

In the (b) part, candidates could not relate the story of the living water and the bread with how people are denied the bread of life which should include:

(i)         poverty
(ii)        diseases
(iii)       war/conflict
(iv)       famine, etc.

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