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General Mathematics Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2013  
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General Comments

Question 8

Question 8
(a)        Given the cartesian coordinates A(1,2), B(0,4), C(-2, -2) and D(-3,0), on a graph sheet and using a scale of 2 cm to represent 1 unit on both axes, plot the points A,B, C and D.
(b)        (i)      Join the points to form a quadrilateral.
            (ii)      What type of quadrilateral is formed?

  1. Using ruler and a pair of compasses only, construct:

(i)      locus, l1, of points equidistant from A and C;
(ii)      locus, l2, of points equidistant from  and
            (iii)     locate M, the point of intersection of l1 and l2.

  1. Measure:

(i)      ∠MAB ;
(ii)      |MA|.




It was reported that this question was not a popular one as majority of the candidates did not attempt it.  According to the report, majority of those who attempted it performed poorly.  They exhibited poor understanding of points on the Cartesian coordinates as well as construction.
Candidates were expected to draw the x and y axes on a graph sheet using the given scale.  They would then plot the points and join them to form a parallelogram.  The locus l1, was gotten by the perpendicular bisector of the line  while the locus, l2, was the bisector of the angle CAB.  These loci were produced until they intersected each other.  This point of intersection was M.  The angle MAB was measured as 58o(± 1o) while the length MA was 9.0 cm (± 0.1 cm).


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