Physics Paper 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

Weakness/ remedies

Weaknesses observed are as follows:
inability to express themselves in simple English Languagepoor computational skills
lack of basic knowledge on the principle of physics e.g. magnetic lines of force, keepers, energy, transformation in x-ray production inability to indicate unit of calculated values
inability to differentiate between "driven wheel'' and driving wheel" poor conceptualization of critical angle and vector quantities inability to apply physics principles/concepts to real life situations.

text books should bt re*wrltten to address application based qt/tfstions.

Inspection of teachers by the ministry of education Inspectorate division should be aimed at correction and not vindication
1 eat hen should be assessed based on their efficiency from time to time Teaching and learning materials should be adequately provided in schools School authorities should provide conducive learning environment Candidates should improve on their mastery of English Language
Candidates should prepare adequately for examination rather than relying on "expo" and other examination malpractices tactics
Qualified and experienced physics teachers should handle the teaching of the subject. Teachers should be encouraged by way of improved salaries, ICT facilities and workshops within and outside the country

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