Auto Mechanics Paper 2,May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 1

1. The sketch below is a component of an air-cooled engine.

  (a)            (i)    Identify the sketch.
                  (ii)   Identify the parts labeled P,Q,R and S

(a)           State three advantages of an air-cooled engine over the water-cooled type.
(b)           State why multi cylinder in-line engines are not commonly air-cooled.
(c)           State the purpose of a thermostat in water-cooled engines.

Most of the candidates attempted this question. A high percentage of the candidates could not give the required responses to parts (a) and (d) of the question. The required response to part (a) of the question is

(a)(i) The sketch is a cylinder or cylinder block of an air-cooled engine.

(ii) The parts labeled P, Q, R and S are cylinder bore, fins, cylinder wall and locating spigot respectively.

Part (d) of the question required the candidates to state the purpose of a thermostat in a water-cooled engine. The purpose of a thermostat in a water-cooled engine is to prevent water circulation until the engine attains
its normal operating temperature.

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