Auto Mechanics Paper 2,May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 3

The sketch below is a simple starter circuit.


(a)Identify the parts labeled J, K, L, and M.

(b)State the function of each of the following:
(ii)dipper switch.

(c) (i)         sketch a lead-acid battery cell.
   (ii)         Label any three parts of the sketch in (c) (i).


(ii)         Label any three parts of the sketch in (c) (i).
Most of the candidates who attempted this question found part (a) and (bii) difficult. The required response to part (a) of the question is as follows:
                J is battery
                K is Earth
                L is starter
                M is solenoid switch.
Part (bii) of the question required the candidates to state the function of a dipper switch.

The function of a dipper is to change the direction of current of the headlamp downward to the near side to give a dimmer light thereby preventing dazzling of the on-coming driver

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