Auto Mechanics Paper 2,May/June 2011  
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Question 5
            (a)        Sketch a telescopic damper.
            (b)        Label any three parts of the sketch in (a) above.
            (c)        State three reasons for using leaf-springs on heavy commercial vehicles.

This question did not attract most of the candidates. The few candidates who attempted it could not provide the required response to the various parts of the question. The required responses to the various
parts of the question are given below.
            Parts (a) and (b)

The reasons for using leaf springs on heavy commercial vehicles are;
           - they provide even stress distribution;
           - they have better damping effect;
           - they minimize the rebound effect;
           - they reduce axle movement;
           - they withstand greater shock due to uneven road surface;
           - they are stronger and therefore suitable for heavy-duty vehicles.

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