Auto Mechanics Paper 2,May/June 2013  
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General Comments

Question 2
(a)       Name the tool used to carry out each of the following:
  1. removal of radiator hoses;
  2. removal of carbon deposit from the combustion chamber;
  3. checking the gap of the contact breaker;
  4. removal of drain tap from the sump.

(b)       Sketch the tool for removing carbon deposit from the combustion chamber.

(c)        List two other parts of a vehicle where each tool named in (a) could be used.


This question was well attempted by most of the candidates.  However part (c) of the question was not properly answered.  The correct response to part (c) is:

  1. screw driver – tappet adjustment, contact breaker adjustment, carburettor, water/fuel hoses and fuel pump cover
  2. scraper – valve cover gasket, fuel pump and exhaust manifold gasket and cylinder bore
  3. feeler gauge – valve clearance, spark plug gap and piston ring gap
  4. drain plug – rear axle, gear box and steering box.
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