Auto Mechanical Work Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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General Comments

QuestioN 2

            (2)       (a)       List two types of steering gear box.

                        (b)       State the purpose of each of the following:
                                    (i)         Ackerman angle;
                                    (ii)        camber angle;
                                    (iii)       castor angle.

                        (c)        Name one instrument used in checking steering geometry.

                        (d)       State two causes of oversteering.

                        (e)       State one cause of understeering.



Most of the candidates who attempted this question had difficulties in providing the required responses to parts (a), (b) and (c) of the question. 
The required responses to these parts are:

  1. -          rack and pinion;

-          cam and roller;
-          cam and peg;
-          recirculating ball;
-          worm and sector;
-          screw and nut;
-          worm and roller.


(b)         (i)        Ackerman angle is to allow the inner steered wheel to
move through a greater angle than the outer when negotiating a curve.

                                    (ii)        Camber angle is to:

                                                -           provide lighter steering by making it easier for the
wheel to swivel about the kingpin.
                                                -           help obtain centre point steering.

(iii)       castor angle is to provide a self-centering action thus automatically allowing wheels to point to straight ahead position after negotiating a curve.

(c)                    -           wheel alignment gauge
                                                -           castor/camber gauge
                                                -           steering turn-table.


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