Auto Mechanical Work Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2013  
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QuestioN 4


                        (a)       (i)         Identify the component shown in the sketch above

                                    (ii)        Identify the parts labelled V, W, X, Y and Z.

                                    (iii)       State the purpose of the component shown in the sketch.

                                    (iv)       State the functions of V and Y.

(b)       List two products of combustion for a chemically correct air/fuel mixture.


The performance of candidates who attempted this question was very poor.  The required response to the various parts of the question are:

(a)       (i)         exhaust system of a motor vehicle.

            (ii)        V is flange
                        W is front exhaust pipe
                        X is intermediate pipe
                        Y is silencer or muffler
                        Z is Tail pipe/Exhaust pipe.

                                                (iii)       The purpose of the component is to:

  • carry the exhaust gas out of the cylinder.
  • reduce the noise emitted by pressure of gas leaving the engine.

(iv)       The purpose of V is to connect the exhaust system
to the manifold

The purpose of Y is to reduce the noise in the exhaust system.

                                    (b)       -           carbon dioxide (CO2)
                                                -           water (H2O).
                                                -           Nitrogen (N2).



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