Auto Mechanics Paper 2,Nov/Dec 2014.  
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Question 4

(4)        (a)        (i)         Sketch a single plate clutch in a disengaged position;
                                    (ii)        Label four parts of the sketch in 4(a) (i).

                        (b)        State two functions of a clutch.

                        (c)        State one merit of a diaphragm spring clutch.


This question was extremely difficult for the candidates as they could not provide the required responses to the various parts of the questions.  The required responses to the various parts of the question are:

  1. (i) and (ii)



(b)        Functions of the clutch are:

            -           it disconnects and connects the drive from the engine to the gearbox;
            -           it enables the vehicle to take off smoothly from rest;
            -           it provides a temporary neutral position.
(c)        Merits of diaphragm spring clutch are:
            -           it has lower pedal force;
            -           it has fewer moving parts;
            -           it is self-adjusting (self compensating);
            -           it is well balanced;
            -           it is more compact;
            -           it is lighter in weight;
            -           it has simple mechanism for withdrawal of pressure plate;
            -           it maintains constant  spring thrust at all speeds.


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